Rhythm of life T-shirts

We are very happy to show you our brand new T-shirts. The design is inspired by the cover design of Rido´s debut album Rhythm of life. We only use high quality Fair trade bio cotton T-shirts that are printed in Czech republic. We hope you gonna like them as much as we do :)! Now available in our Store. Much love Rido  

Rido & Counterstrike - Let it roll (Vip)

Vip time is here!!! After a lot of request we decided to release Vip version of a collab track with Counterstrike "Let it roll". Track is now exclusively available through Beatport.   World wide release out 10 of February 2017

Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Veins

Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Veins  Taken from Rido´s debut album Rhythm of life

Rido presents debut album „Rhythm of Life“

I spent nearly two years working on my first album. I have been releasing singles and EP´s for about 9 years already, but until now I hadn’t felt that the time was right for me to craft a whole album. My main focus was to make an album, that when you listen to the whole thing, each song would be different and would tell its own story. I wanted to go back to the times when you wrote the album as a whole instead of a collection of individual tracks that would work on the dance floor or on the radio. I hope that you enjoy...