Rido lanches new label : Rido music

Rido has gone from an artist who’s shaped the face of the Czech Republic music scene to becoming a mainstay part of the wider drum & bass fabric. With names like Metalheadz, Blackout, Subtitles, Hospital, Viper and Citrus playing host to his sounds, he’s stretched his catalogue across the most important platforms and not just those who are known for their harder sounds. Now he’s ready to launch his own label, something which he’s been biding his time in unveiling and also something which can be clearly heard in his...

Rhythm of life T-shirts

We are very happy to show you our brand new T-shirts. The design is inspired by the cover design of Rido´s debut album Rhythm of life. We only use high quality Fair trade bio cotton T-shirts that are printed in Czech republic. We hope you gonna like them as much as we do :)! Now available in our Store. Much love Rido  

Rido & Counterstrike - Let it roll (Vip)

Vip time is here!!! After a lot of request we decided to release Vip version of a collab track with Counterstrike "Let it roll". Track is now exclusively available through Beatport.   World wide release out 10 of February 2017

Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Veins

Rido feat. Thomas Oliver - Veins  Taken from Rido´s debut album Rhythm of life

Rido presents debut album „Rhythm of Life“

I spent nearly two years working on my first album. I have been releasing singles and EP´s for about 9 years already, but until now I hadn’t felt that the time was right for me to craft a whole album. My main focus was to make an album, that when you listen to the whole thing, each song would be different and would tell its own story. I wanted to go back to the times when you wrote the album as a whole instead of a collection of individual tracks that would work on the dance floor or on the radio. I hope that you enjoy...