Rido lanches new label : Rido music


Rido lanches new label : Rido music

Rido has gone from an artist who’s shaped the face of the Czech Republic music scene to becoming a mainstay part of the wider drum & bass fabric. With names like Metalheadz, Blackout, Subtitles, Hospital, Viper and Citrus playing host to his sounds, he’s stretched his catalogue across the most important platforms and not just those who are known for their harder sounds. Now he’s ready to launch his own label, something which he’s been biding his time in unveiling and also something which can be clearly heard in his forthcoming single. ‘Rido Music’ will encompass everything which Rido has built around a career which has seen global recognition. It’ll be a creative space for him to express himself sonically and as a result, show fans his full capabilities as well as new music which he’s been saving for his own podium. Rido’s first class production is one of the reasons why he’s picked up so much attention as his career has progressed and it’s enabled him to pass down his expertise at conferences such as Let it Roll’s Beats Evolution. The biggest drum & bass Mecca, Rido shared his knowledge to likeminded producers and it’s the same skills which can be heard throughout his work. Especially within his forthcoming single ‘Remember’, marking the first part of the Rido Music discography.


‘Remember’ is a record which describes the soundscape Rido has built throughout his journey across music. Beginning with lulling breaks, strings of melody floating throughout its intro and streams of synthesis drawing you into twists of vocal sample, this is a different side to Rido and one which his audience may have heard before. It’s an uplifting track, maybe a sign of what’s to come from Rido and Rido Music. However it doesn’t go without a moodier layer, given by its distorted LFOs, adding a different direction to its skin tight composition. It provides just one of the factors into why Rido has become a favourite throughout the drum & bass community, alongside his hard lined DJ sets, as well as why Rido Music will rise to the forefront of its current trends.

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