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Rido is an electronic music composer and sound engineer with love for technical detail and story telling within his music. Originaly he was drawn into the the music by The Prodigy, but along the way he got strongy influence by film music as well.

After study at SAE in Sydney, he started working for Czech Tv recording studios
and continued on his musical journey.

He released music on labels such as legendary Metalheadz, Black hole recordings, Hospital recordings, Blackout music, Circus recordings, Eatbrain and more.

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Music composer | Producer | Story

Erutuf is a multimedia project that combines 3D animation with electronic music.

We are working on the project since the beginning of 2019.

We only had one premier in Archa theater in Prague on 24.1.2020.

Then everything changed due to COVID-19. We are really looking forward to bring back this show to live again. 

This ancient drama by Sofokles has been reworked into
the theather play few times, but this new approach by Hana Buresova
allowed composers Ales Brezina and Pavel Ridosko to take
a different direction as well with their music.
They decided to experiment a lot with atonal electronic music to create an enviroment that pulls you in to the play.
Creating ancient modern hybrid score that resonates with you even after you leave the theater.

Music has been nominated in 2018 for the "Theather critic awards". /Previously known as Alfred Radok awards/


Music Composer | Sound Designer

Let It Roll - Opening Show  2023

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Director

Rido worked on the first Opening show for Let it roll festival in 2013.
And because of its success he has been asked again to work on the first new bigger scale Opening show in 2015. This time because of a work overload he asked his friend Justin known as Counterstrike to join him on the mission.

They scored the whole Opening show to the picture and they wanted to end it with a bang, so they decided to compose an original track that will end the show.
They had no idea how well the track will be received and after such a great responce they decided to finish itand release it as the first release on the Let it roll label.

From the 2022 Rido started to be more involved as well in the story telling part and whole production of the show.


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Film Projects

Kobry a užovky (2015)

Ztraceni v Mnichově (2015)

Re-recording mixer

Re-recording mixer


Sound Engineer

Milada (2017)

Sound Engineer

Westworld scoring competition entry 


Batman trailer - alt music


I do not own rights to the picture. Its only for showreel purpuse.

Astronaut - alt music


I do not own rights to the picture. Its only for showreel purpuse.

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